Author Michael Verte
6 Apr

Fathers in Geneva Advocate for Fairness in Custody Battles: The Call for Oversight and Transparency

In the midst of societal evolution, where the notion of family has diversified and the dynamics within them have become increasingly complex, a movement in Geneva, Switzerland, has been gaining […]

14 Jan

Fatherhood on Trial: The Crushing Statistics of Dad-Deprived America

Before I could be a Father, I was forced to be a litigant. On a bitter cold morning in early 2013, I hadn’t yet so much as held my newborn […]

1 Nov

Navigating the Storm: Co-Parenting with a Borderline Personality Disorder Spouse in Switzerland

Life often throws curveballs, but nothing had prepared me for the storm that unfolded when I realized I was co-parenting with a spouse exhibiting signs of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) […]