Introduction to WeTooMvmt

WeTooMvmt is a burgeoning movement based in Switzerland, dedicated to advocating for the equal rights of fathers in parenting. The inception of WeTooMvmt traces back to a collective aspiration to bridge the existing gaps in the current family law system, which often leans towards maternal custody.
Our core belief is that every child deserves the balanced nurturing and love from both parents, and fathers should have an equal footing in the legal framework surrounding custody and parenting rights. Through our movement, we aim to create a robust support network for fathers, foster public awareness about the importance of balanced parenting, and influence policy changes that reflect our ethos of fairness and equality.
In a realm where the scales often tip unfavorably against fathers, WeTooMvmt endeavors to be the counterbalance, ensuring that the rights of fathers are upheld, and the interests of the child are always at the forefront. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to build a community that educates, supports, and advocates for a fairer family law system that benefits all parties involved.
Join us in making strides towards a more equitable society where the role of fathers is recognized, honored, and supported in the same vein as mothers, contributing to a harmonious and just familial framework.